Oratrim 200x9,5cm Fluor. signalorange

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ORATRIM Fluo. Signal Orange - 9.5 x 200cm

ORATRIM® Fluorescent Colors are ideal for narrow, longish designs.

NOTE: Due to the specific nature of fluorescent pigments fluo. colors are not permanent. Depending on the amount of UV-radiation they are exposed to, there is always the possibility of fading and a decrease of radiance.

ORATRIM® is heat-shrinkable, self-adhesive strips made from the same material as ORASTICK®. ORATRIM® shares the qualities and color range of ORASTICK®.


  • Type of Application: Self-Adhesive
  • Type of Article: Decorative Stripe
  • Width: 95 mm
  • Length: 2 m
  • Color Code: 065
  • Color: Signal Orange
  • Color Series: Fluorescent
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