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Ripmax Chris Foss WOT4 Pro ARTF

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Ripmax Chris Foss WOT4 Pro ARTF


The Wot4 is established as a versatile and capable sports model but there is a limit to what it is capable of without sacrificing durability and versatility. So to get the most from the Wot4 Airframe we have made this new 'Pro' version for pilots who want an uncompromised version of this classic. 

The ailerons, rudder and elevators have been increased in size for increased control authority. We have analysed the structure and removed weight wherever we can, this includes a built-up fin and tailplane, lightened wing, lightened fuselage and even lightening holes in the undercarriage. 

To complement this new structure, we are including a special edition Irvine .39 in the kit as the perfect match of power to weight.

Wingspan 1334mm (52.6")
Length 1185mm (46.5")
Weight 1.94kg (4.39lb)
Servos Quartz 5 x QZ302 (Recommended)
Radio System 4 - 5 Channel (Required)
IC Engine Irvine .39 FunFly Edition (Included)
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